What we are about

What we are about

Our team is committed to nurturing young minds through fun and education. At The Learning Space, we come together to play, laugh and learn. We pride ourselves on the quality of our curriculum, the communication we share with our families and communities and our ability to apply better solutions that meet new requirements and unarticulated needs within our industry.

Our Vision

The Learning Space is committed to providing a premium centre within our community. Through our experience, we have an in-depth understanding of the profile and demands of our local communities. Using this knowledge, we aim to create partnerships in the hope of creating a service that is tailored to the individuality of the local area and exceed the expectation of the community.

We seek to be an integral part of the community surrounding us, through collaboration with our neighbours, schools, local business and community organisations. We believe in utilising the assets and facilities that are available in our community and giving back by way of active involvement and financial contribution where appropriate.

We are committed to caring for and educating others to care for our planet. We have an important role to play in educating our children to protect our environment today and into the future. Our sustainability initiatives focus on what happens in our centre, as well as children and families in the home.

Our Experience

The Learning Space Leadership Team have come together with the common belief of nurturing young minds through fun and education. Our combined personal commitments allow us to deliver on this goal.

The Leadership Team has worked in transforming existing early learning centres. From this we have learned that elements such as the design, finish and selection of equipment and furniture, all come together to create the ideal environment for children to engage and develop and for our educators to function at their best.

Our Journey

The Learning Space team have an exceptional, proven track record and demonstrated expertise in all stages of delivering early childhood education to children and support to families. We will develop our own centre with the objective of long term ownership and operation.