Our Values


At The Learning Space, we have developed our own unique educational curriculum that forms the basis for essential early education and development. This curriculum has been developed so that every child has the opportunity to develop at an individual pace according to his or her unique, individual way. Our play-based curriculum differs to other early education programs by delivering intentional teaching in dynamic small group learning environments where children’s successes, skills and challenges are monitored on an ongoing basis.

Curriculum principles include:

  • Language Development, Communication and Literacy
  • Physical development, health and wellbeing
  • Numeracy and problem solving
  • Expressive Arts
  • Science and technology
  • Me, Myself and I – Social and Emotional Competency
  • The World and Sustainability

These principles are delivered through a combination of structured and spontaneous play-based learning opportunities that consider each child’s strengths, interests and next steps.


Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation. We believe that being innovative is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the great ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice.

What would happen if we all had the confidence to try something new?

Today’s children require an education that meets their individual needs, and opportunities that connect them to what is happening in today’s world. They challenge us to be innovative and to make learning environments more exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Innovation is about doing things in new or different ways. It may range from continuous improvement of existing practices through to transformation of how we achieve goals or rethinking what those goals are.

Whether it is continuous improvement or complete transformation, the goal is the same – to build future practice that is better than the past.


At The Learning Space, we understand the importance of communication in facilitating effective interactions with children and educators. Effective communication is the key to developing and maintaining positive interactions and relationships with others.

We pride ourselves on fostering and sustaining respectful and pro-active partnerships with our families. We believe it makes a tremendous difference to how well a child flourishes, knowing they are in a nurturing circle of families, Educators and community members.

We believe in open lines of communication based on mutual respect and a desire to promote each child’s learning and well-being.


One of the core values stated in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is that play ‘provides opportunities for children to learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine’.

At The Learning Space, we promote children’s sense of identity; encourage them to connect with and contribute to their family, heritage and community; and nurture children to become confident and involved learners.

We believe imaginative play engages children in both life and learning. Its’ real value lies in the fact that it increases their understanding of the world they live in, while it works to develop personal skills that will help them meet with success throughout their lives.